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Embrace Tournament

A short documentary on international student playing football in Turkey.

Youth Participation in Democracy

2019 Elections is around the corner, Kakstv went to Abuja to discuss the level of youth participation in the coming election. Maryam Laushi, a member of the #Nottooyoungtorun movement talks about the increased youth awareness in the upcoming elections. Additionally, former member of the House of representatives Hon. Faruk Adamu Aliyu also gave his insight on the consequences of the election to Nigeria's future. Meanwhile, Associate professor, Dr. Lucky Imade Osagie gave an academic take on the role of ideology and mindset of the Nigerian Masses. 

Being an Artist in Nigeria

This Short Documentary is part of a program I hosted called Around Africa, where I worked as a freelance presenter. Ajus Bunu is an artist with tremendous Talent, she speaks on her skill set and urges the Nigeria government to support art forms in the country. On the other hand Wasiu who is a kid artist the took the world by surprise with is great talent, I compared both artists and try to find a common story behind them.